Restoring Rockbox Root on Clip+

Recently my Sansa Clip+ died on me randomly. I had Rockbox installed for about two years and then one day when I booted it up it just said "File not found". Makes sense, flash can be temperamental. In anycase, for any of yall in the same position, here's the quick restore procedure to get your Rockbox root fs back and booting:

Plug in your Clip+ and wipe the partition table, make a new partition, format it vfat, and mount it:

fdisk /dev/sdb (your device)
  --> proceed to delete (d) any existing partitions, 
    (in my case there were none)
  --> make a new partition (n), set filesystem type(t) to b
  --> write (w) out
mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1 (your device partition)
mkdir /mnt/clip
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/clip

Now you've got a partition to work with, so proceed with normal Rockbox setup procedure. Download the Rockbox firmware and copy it over to your clip:

mv .rockbox /mnt/clip

Then, patch and copy over the bootloader the manual way (GUI didn't work for me):

./mkamsboot clppa.boot bootloader-clipplus.sansa patched.bin
cp patched.bin /mnt/clip/clppa.bin
umount /mnt/clip

Unplug the Clip+ and Rockbox should be working again.