Cream Minitouch

An ALPs Cream keyswitch mod

The SIIG MiniTouch is a 75% mechnical keyboard produced circa 1991. At the time of manufacture, the MiniTouch was outfitted with either clicky white or montery blue alp switches. The particular model I had was an order magnitude louder than any keyboard I'd ever owned.

So, I modded some cream alps switches from an old AE II keyboard to be very light and less audible. Each switch had its internal curled springs end cut and dampeners removed for cleaner feel.

Alps switches dissambled

A stock dissembled Cream Alps switch on the left, and my un-dampened low-resistance cream switch on the right.

After preparing my modded each switch, I de-soldered all the switches from my Minitouch and soldered in my new modded cream switches. Re-assembled and swapped on the AEII PBT keycaps.

Stock Minitouch and modded Minitouch

The stock Minitouch on the left, my modded Minitouch on the right.

Jumped circuts

Unfortunately due to my lack of pro-soldering skills, I had to jump a few of the switches.

Modded Minitouch

Not all the keycaps from the Apple Extended II keyboard fit! So I use the original Enter, Shift, Spacebar, and tab key. Also The Apple F-keys fit on sideways!