Portable speaker design

During the summer of my junior year at Virginia Tech, I stayed in Blacksburg and did the summer-session for Industrial Design minors. It was a relaxing, thoughtful, and productive summer. I learned to sketch perspective and developed an interest in 3d modeling.

For our final project in the summer-session, I built a small portable speaker box dubbed the Cube.

I modeled The entire cube in openscad and combined the surfaces as dxf files import'ed into a modular master openscad composition.

Eventually when I was satisfied I cut the dxf layers out of masonite on our laser cutter. The final cube was assembled with wood glue.

Initial perspective sketch lines

Initial perspective sketch lines.

Persepective sketch

Apparently - I can sketch a box!

Exploded view of Cube

An exploded view of each of the panels of the Cube.

Cube with iPod

With an iPod