Io Mustache Bindings

Mustache.Io is library for compiling Mustache logicless templates in the Io language. It's usable in conjunction with _why's yown web-framework, or usable standalone.

Mustache.Io is designed to work both Io object and maps. It's simple api gives you two methods: render and setDelimiters:

Method Arguments Description
render template, object, partials Renders the given template with the provided object and partials.
setDelimiters start_delimiter, end_delimiter Sets the delimiters.

For standard Mustache template rendering, a simple contrived example in Io might look like:

obj := Object clone do(
  name := "Miles"
  age  := 20

template := "I am {{ name }}, age: {{ age }}"
Mustache render(template, obj)


I am Miles, age: 20

That's pretty much all there is to it. Feel free to check out the full documentation here.