NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
kf-sassSass animation library for composable keyframe-based animation Miles Alan2018-11-09 19:38
kf-sass-siteDocumentation site for Kf Sass library Miles Alan2018-11-20 04:40
dot-filesDot files managed with stow Miles Alan2020-01-16 22:17
foo-wm(Archived) Experimental Zooming IPC-based WM Miles Alan2013-11-07 00:39
mustache.ioMustache Templating bindings for the Io language Miles Alan2012-08-18 20:07
markdown-treeServe a directory of markdown files as a site via sinatra Miles Alan2015-01-24 15:58
kb-firmwareFirmware for keyboards built via QMK Miles Alan2019-09-15 16:11
dwmDWM fork with quite a lot of patches applied Miles Alan2020-01-15 05:14
dmenuDmenu fork with patches: numbers, nonblocking_stdin, height, input_text Miles Alan2020-01-16 22:04
surfSurf fork with patches: externalpipe, externalpipe-signal, modal, and various other custom features Miles Alan2019-12-08 13:55
stSt fork with patches: externalpipe, externalpipe-signal, scrollback (full), and keyboard-select Miles Alan2019-08-17 21:36