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Cleaning up IPC commands

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -44,50 +44,62 @@ IPC Commands All user interaction with foo-wm takes place through its IPC via the socket. The one exception to this is mouse actions which are bound by the IPC. ### dump -Usage: +**Usage:** `dump` Dumps a tree view of the root container to STDERR. ### layout -*Usage:* +**Usage:** `layout vertical|horizontal|grid|max|tabbed|float|freefloat` Updates the layout of the current container. Currenly only vertical and horizontal layouts are supported, although future layouts planned include: floating, max, and tabbed. ### zoom -*Usage:* +**Usage:** `zoom -+delta` Controls the view of the screen. Using zoom with a negative delta will zoom out based on the current view node. Using zoom with a positive number will zoom the screen in one level closer to the focused node. ### focus -*Usage:* +**Usage:** `focus brother|pc -+delta` `focus direction left|up|right|down` The focus command switches the node which is currently focused. ### move -*Usage:* +**Usage:** `move brother|pc -+ delta` `move direction left/up/right/down` Moves the currently focused node. This wraps around if you attempt to move to a node that doesn't exist. ### shift -*Usage:* +**Usage:** `shift brother|pc -+ delta` `shift direction left|up|right|down` Shift the currently focused node. This is essentially the move command only instead of wrapping, shift will merge the node in the given direction. ### containerize +**Usage:** +`containerize` + If the current client is in a container with 2 or more other clients, containerize creates new container and parents the current client into this new container. ### uncontainerize +**Usage:** +`uncontainerize` + Removes the current focused node from its container. +### kill +**Usage:** +`kill` + +Kills the currently focused node (and any nodes that are the focused node's children). + Inspiration ------ Inspirations include: