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Changed fifo-wm name to foo-wm

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,8 +1,12 @@ -fifo-wm: FIFO Window Manager +foo-wm: Foo Window Manager ============================ -The premise is quite simple, a window manager which is configured and used exclusivly through talking to a FIFO. +The basic premises of Foo Window Manager are: +1. Provide a tree data structure in which you can organize windows. +2. Provide a socket for IPC along with a basic DSL for manipulating and traversing the tree. -This should be considered unusable pre-alpha software. I'm using fifo-wm on a daily basis though it doesn't have support for many basic window managment functions (ICCCM/EWMH). I recommend against using FIFO-WM for daily usage unless your interesting in contributing (in which case contact me). Regardless, here is some explanations of how things are currently set up. +foo-wm was previously named fifo-wm and used a FIFO for IPC. The switch over to a socket was in need for provide responses to IPC commands. Foo-wm may not be this window manager's final name. + +Foo-wm should be considered unusable pre-alpha software. I use foo-wm on a daily basis though that doesn't mean you should. Foo-wm doesn't have support for many basic window managment functions (ICCCM/EWMH). If you're interested in contributing, contact me. Below is an explanation of the basic structure of foo-wm if you want to hack on it. The Tree -------- @@ -24,8 +28,8 @@ All windows are stored as nodes within a tree data structure. The tree is made u * *Float*: Clients are floated, but bound by the container * *Freefloat*: Clients are free to float, even on top of the current view -FIFO Commands -------------- +IPC Commands +------------ The FIFO specified in src/config.h must be made with `mkfifo wm-fifo`. Once the FIFO is created you may use several commands to interact with the window manager by simply echoing to the FIFO like so: `echo "dump" > wm-fifo`