Suckless Patches

Personal Libary of Patches for Suckless Programs

Here's my collection of custom patches for various Suckless software which I think might be useful to others.

Surf externalpipe

Pipe the contents of the current page you're viewing in surf to an external program upon pressing a keybinding. Along with script I built enables keyboard-only web-browsing via dmenu.

Surf & St externalpipe-signal

Enables using surf's & st's externalpipe patches on demand via the SIGUSR1 signal. I use this to acheive "full-screen" text completion. E.g. instead of copy pasting, I have a hotkey that can type/paste over any HTML element selected from dmenu in all surf browsers or any text in any st terminal.

Also with this, now surf's "address bar" (dmenu) can show entries based on my full screen text. So I can, for example, directly search an error on google without copy/paste.

Dmenu numbers

Displays the number of matched and total items in dmenu visually.